Friday, April 25, 2008


History is in the making as two ‘Firsts’ are battling in the Democratic Candidate Nomination for the US Presidential Elections. One, a seasoned former First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton and another, a young, charismatic, visionary, African American called Barak Hussein Obama. Much words and promises are made, as normally happens in any political run-up, but who has the mettle and commitment to stand by their pledges and see their country through this difficult period.

This is the crucial period of the nominations and will be the climax leading to the Presidential elections set for the 4th of November 2008. This outcome will affect the worlds’ economy and peace and that is why the whole World watches.

26th November 1947

Hillary Clinton does not need any introduction. She has proven herself to be a tough, stoic, campaigner and very politically savvy right through her husbands Presidency and prosecution and her personal fight to the Senate. She is a well-rounded person and has proven that she has guts and gumption and has seen it all as First Lady. Her sheer grit and resilience is evident in her square, almost masculine rugged face, etched by the pains and experiences of her past and the dogged determination to reach her own ambitious goals.

Her square, high, broad forehead lined by the full 9 planetary frown lines speaks of wisdom, natural intelligence and a broad outlook. Her thick eyebrows speak of her courage and physical force, which is of fundamental importance in politics. Her compelling eyes demands respect and reveals her deep wisdom though at times, her credulous ‘Pig’ nature can be glimpsed in them. Would this be one of her setbacks? As a President the buck will always stop at her, if she is even the least bit gullible or naive, the price would be very high for her to pay and the World to endure.

Her dominant feature is her nose. It sits straight and proudly on her face and in profile exhibits a slight bump in the middle, which gives such a nose the name ‘Nose of Justice’. This means that she is fair and just in her views about things and can be trusted to make decisions without ‘Fear or Favor’. This is very important being a woman, as women are said, quite unjustly, to be emotional in their judgments.

No one looking at Hillary’s face can ignore her square, forceful jawline. This is the hallmark of a determined and highly capable woman, able to take on immense responsibilities and see it through till the end. In profile her chin is square but slightly dropped or receding. This is another indication of high intelligence and the ability to be flexible when necessary, a valuable trait for a good politician.

Her signature with ‘Hillary’ standing on its own reveals that she has always had personal ambitions of her own. She does not waste much sentiment on things she regards as trivial and can be as direct and as cut and dry as a man.

All put together, she has all the qualities that makes an intelligent, stable, practical, just and astute President potential but, although her birth chart is very strong, her age horoscope of 60 is not auspicious which means that even if she is nominated, some personal problems like health or problems related to her family life can cause her some distress this year. When she turns 61, that is after her birthday and before the Presidential Elections, which is set for the 4th of November, her luck improves.

4th August 1961

Born to a Kenyan Muslim Father and a Caucasian American Mother, Barak has taken a long, arduous, tumultuous, though exciting journey through life to get to where he is today – the next possible President of the United States of America. He went to school in Jakarta, Indonesia between the ages of 4 to 10 when his Mother was married to her second husband an Indonesian called Lolo Soetoro but he returned to the US

to complete his education after that.

His life was full of twists and turns, experiencing drugs and the usual things an adventurous person would until he was baptized. Finally he ‘found’ himself and started his march to the stage he finds himself on now. His high set, precariously positioned ears reveals his unsettled youth but it also marks his highly intuitive, intelligent character, ready to spot and act on opportunities and the right connections when it is presented to him. His astute nature always put him at the right place at the right time and made him a shooting star in his community and in politics.

His wide, broad forehead with a bump at the hairline reveals his great imagination which is evident in the two books he has written, ‘Dreams from my Father’ and ‘The Audacity of Hope’ which gave him the funds to begin his political career.

The shape of his face is what is known as a ‘philosophers face’ but he is not all philosophy and creativity, he is also a man of action and passion. The strong Martian bump he has over his eyebrows and the ‘fighting bag’ swellings below his mouth, and his tightly pursed lips indicates that Borak will never shy away from a fight be it a fight of spiritual strength or a verbal debate. His smooth jawline shows that he is not a crude or a physically violent person but his square chin shows that he has a stubborn and defiant character.

His nose is well shaped, high and straight speaking of a person who will be very successful in his 40s, with noble and great ambitions. His triangle nostrils indicate his sense of humor and also his passionate and excitable nature. He can be easily provoked which has been displayed is recent debates when he was ‘baited’ by his opponents.

He has 3 obvious moles all on the right side of his face meaning that he is very much influenced by women in his life like his Mother or Wife or his feminine side, which is his creativity and his sensitivity. His mole on the left temple near his eyebrows shows wisdom, a small mole on the left side of his nose indicates an important period of his life in his mid 40s, he is 46 now, and the very prominent mole next to his nose below his eye indicates a trauma possibly at the hands of a woman. Could this be at the hands of Hillary Clinton?

This year, astrologically speaking, Barak is very lucky and will remain so for the next 3 years, but right at this moment, till the 20th of March he is facing the most difficult period of this year and this is a crucial time in the Presidential nomination polls.

When looking at his face on the whole, he displays a great deal of appeal and boyish charm, with his open, engaging smile and his charming cheek wrinkles, but is he all what he seems to be? A study of his signature is very revealing. The full alphabets, curves and curls says that he is loving, generous and very sensitive, but the circle right in the center clearly shows that this man always has something up his sleeves. After all, by his own admission, he claims to be a very good poker player!

The opponents in this battle are a worthy match. Whoever wins will have a great deal on his plate. May the best Man win, but together they can make an incredible team, one the Yin and the other the Yang.


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